PACE MD’s MED-Spanish immersion programs in San Miguel de Allende provide theoretical and practical language training in medical Spanish for participants of all levels. Whether you are a practicing physician with 20 years of experience or an aspiring medical student, PACE MD’s MEDSpanish programs bring you to the forefront of global health. Through individualized language instruction and hands-on clinical experiences you will develop and increase your medical Spanish ability and cultural literacy alongside mentors and colleagues with diverse backgrounds in an international setting.

Arrival and orientation

  • Nearest arrival airport: Bajío International Airport (airport code BJX)

  • Arrival date: Professionals, residents and fourth-year medical students (MS4) should arrive on Friday or Saturday to relax and allow for a 2 hour orientation meeting. First/second-year medical students (MS1/2) and pre-professionals should arrive on the date indicated in the program overview for their specific program.

  • Airport transfer: Transportation from the Bajío International Airport (airport code BJX) is the participant’s responsibility. We recommend Bajío Go, which specializes in airport shuttle service to/from San Miguel de Allende.

  • The First 3 nights are on us!: In order to provide its participants with opportunity to explore the many housing options in San Miguel de Allende, all MED-Spanish programs include the first three nights of accommodations with our partners at Hotel Posada Las Monjas. Discounted rates available exclusively for MED-Spanish students should you wish to stay for the entire program.

  • Spanish instruction: Language training begins the Monday after arrival and continues Monday through Friday for the duration of the program. Classes may be held in the mornings or afternoons DEPENDING ALWAYS on the scheduling of the clinical experiences.

  • Holidays: Professionals, residents and fourth-year medical students (MS4) are encouraged to consider Mexican national holidays when registering for a program. During holidays such as Easter (Semana Santa) and Christmas, program activities may be limited/closed.

  • Departure date: Participants should arrange their return flight no earlier than the Saturday after their final Spanish class. We encourage you to book an afternoon departure from the Bajío International Airport to facilitate airport transfer from San Miguel de Allende. Return travel to the airport may take up to two hours depending on traffic. Morning departure may require leaving San Miguel de Allende as early as 2:00 or 3:00 AM.

Health insurance

Participants are responsible for acquiring adequate insurance coverage for Mexico prior to arrival. Some insurance providers offer coverage in Mexico while others require the purchase of a supplemental plan and/or evacuation insurance. PACE MD’s MED-Spanish staff may be able to assist with basic health care issues and can provide “quality control” for medical encounters when needed but participants are ultimately responsible for their care and all medical-related expenses.


Continuing Medical Education (CME) / Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

  • One week: $1,150 USD

  • One-on-one additional instruction: Consider adding $200 USD

  • Additional week: $400 USD

Graduate Medical Education (GME) / Postgraduate Year Elective Rotation

  • Four week: $2,750 USD

  • One-on-one additional instruction: Add $200 USD

Fourth-Year Medical Student (MS4) Elective Rotation 

  • Four week: $2,750 USD

  • One-on-one additional instruction: please add $200 USD

First/Second-Year Medical Student (MS1/2) Summer Elective

  • Four week: $2,750 USD

Pre-Professional Summer Elective

  • Four week: $2,750 USD