(Learning plan based on Spanish Level, Assessment interview, Pre-test and Length of Stay)

  1. Basic Conversational Spanish: Pronunciation, Tactical syntax and Grammar.

  2. The Therapeutic Relationship: General greetings, Addressing the patient, provider’s introduction, extended introduction, setting the agenda.

  3. History of Present Illness: chief complaint, history of present illness, basic anatomy.

  4. Past Medical History and Review of Systems: Acute illness, Chronic illnesses, Past surgical history, Review of systems.

  5. Medications and Drug Effects: Medication history, Medication instructions, Allergies and side effects.

  6. Family History: Family members, Family life, Family health and Family history.

  7. Social and Sexual History: Confidentiality, Social history, Travel history, Risk exposures, Substance abuse, Sexual history and Reproductive system review.

  8. Mental Health and Cognition: General mental health, Spirituality, Cognitive assessment, Psychiatric history and Review of the mental status exam.

  9. Preventive Health and Nutrition: Access to preventive medical care, Routine screening, Immunizations, Exercise and safety screening, Diet and nutrition.

  10. Pediatrics: Perinatal history, Immunizations, Diet, Common pediatric illnesses in the 3rd person.

  11. Physical Examination: General exam, Specialized exam, Physical findings.

  12. Procedures and Informed Consent: Informed consent, Discussing procedures, Advanced directives.

  13. Impression and Plan: Physician’s impression, Care plan, Testing and results, Relaying bad news, System-based summary of impression and plan and Concluding the visit.

  14. Working with interpreters.