In 2002, PACE MD’s MED-Spanish Global Health program was started as a social impact initiative. Today, it spans multiple care sectors that help improve community health in North and Latin America.

MED-Spanish trains healthcare providers, physicians, medical students, nurses, allied professionals, and pre-professional students in medical and general Spanish language skills, simultaneously reinforcing those skills in a variety of healthcare settings such as general hospitals, clinics, rural health brigades, and Red Cross ambulances. Special emphasis is placed on history taking and understanding how cultural differences frame a patient’s responses. 

MED-Spanish is a comprehensive 5-Prong approach which helps clinicians abroad and in the U.S. better understand and care for their Latino patients; intensive language training, cultural literacy and awareness, full immersion, a clinical component, and remote instruction. We immerse students in MEDICAL and GENERAL SPANISH, cultural literacy, while providing a diverse variety of clinical experiences in Mexico.

MED-Spanish students receive intensive tutoring focused on taking medical histories and understanding intercultural concerns. Developed by PACE ( and leading physicians from the U.S., MED-Spanish has a unique collaborative relationship with the Mexican Ministry of Health, which provides you with hands-on rotations in emergency rooms, hospitals, clinics and ambulances (dependent upon Spanish Level, Academic degree, Medical Experience and Stay length).