Spanish Instruction

The individualized Spanish lessons are typically two to three hours every day, five days a week, and utilize a problem-oriented approach based on the physician-patient interaction. The teaching is based on a book, Spanish and the Medical Interview: A Textbook for Clinically Relevant Medical Spanish, 2e, Ortega. We supplement with a renowned series of textbooks developed for the Foreign Service of the U.S. State Department and other related materials.  The program focuses on the skills required to communicate with patients and it is fair to say that one’s general Spanish improves as well. 

This is TOTAL IMMERSION into the world of medical Spanish.  It’s not just memorizing words in a classroom. In addition to the individualized Spanish, the participants will spend 3 to 5 hours daily in various clinical settings in order to practice and reinforce their medical Spanish while being gaining insight into the healthcare system in Mexico. The rotators may also participate in directed chart reviews and become familiar with Mexican pharmaceuticals. The program also provides opportunities to see folk medicine, learn cooking and engage in other cultural activities.