In 2002 the PACE Medspanish Global Health program was started as a social impact initiative. Today, it spans multiple care sectors that help improve community health in North and Latin America. 

Global Health

Unique Globalized Experiences

The exposure PACE MedSpanish provides students to clinics, hospitals, rural brigades, and ambulatory services almost universally sparks a greater interest in global health. The potential that these networks reach with increased exposure and commitment to impact-driven initiatives is very powerful. These Global health providers often help PACE develop new training models to apply in developing conditions.


Beautiful Mexico

 Mexico is a perfect launch-point for health care practitioners who want to improve their medical spanish and get more involved with Global Health projects. On one hand, San Miguel de Allende is considered one of the prettiest cities in the world, while Guanajuato City is very much it's rival in the same department. On the other hand, visitors to our program are quickly introduced to the some of the greater systemic programs facing care providers.