Advanced Practice Programs

Many Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants and Nurse Midwives have participated in the MedSpanish program. 

Nurses and paramedics may request CEUs from their board:

  • CEUs are typically available, if requested in writing, PRIOR TO participating in the program. Please contact your local board for details.

The MedSpanish Mid-Level Practitioner elective

Objectives and Methodologies:

  • 2 hours of individualized general and medical Spanish training per day
  • 5 - 7 clinical contact in physician supervised hospital and clinic settings, where you are legally an “observer,” but do have opportunities to interact
  • Increase command of Medical Spanish

Increased Cultural Literacy and awareness:

  • Interaction with Latino patients in clinical settings described above
  • Participation in various cultural activities in San Miguel de Allende and surrounds

International Medicine / Health awareness:

  • Observation and supervised participation in Health Ministry facilities
  • Standards of Care
  • Familiarization of Mexican formulary and laboratory and diagnostic studies.
  • Additionally, there are opportunities for the student to participate in our various community based training activities, such as ACLS, ATLS, ALSO, and other programs


With 25-35 hours clinical participation per week:
Nonrefundable Deposit $350
One Week- $700.00 USD + nonrefundable deposit $350
Two Weeks- $1,100.00 USD + nonrefundable deposit $350
Three Weeks- $1,400.00 USD + nonrefundable deposit $350
Four Weeks- $1,750.00 USD + nonrefundable deposit $350
Each Additional Week – $400 / week

Without Clinical Participation (20 hours a week lessons):
1st Week- $800 USD
2nd Week- $550 USD
Each Additional Week- $550 USD

Housing Options
Approximately $25/day in home stay (subject to change). Housing is independent of the Medspanish program.

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