Pre-Med Global Health 6-week Summer Program

Our 6-week summer program is meant for pre-health undergraduates or recent graduates interested in exploring global health at the community and clinical level. 

Health Brigades in rural areas

Health Brigades in rural areas

Summer Program-Health Sciences

Our Summer Program is a unique opportunity. This is a structured, preclinical summer language program for beginning, intermediate, or advanced Spanish speakers who want to learn Spanish in a medical context, cultural health, and international medicine in San Miguel de Allende.

Program Costs: Six weeks tuition $3,000.

Housing: approximately $20 – 25/day, independent of Medspanish program.

Required text for the Health Sciences Summer Program:
First Responder: A Skills Approach (6th Edition)
By: Limmer, Hafen, Karren

The MedSpanish Health Sciences Summer Program has the following objectives and methodologies:

  • 2 hours of individualized general and medical Spanish training per day

  • 4 hours a day of clinical contact in physician-supervised pre-hospital and/or hospital and/or clinic settings, where you are legally an "observer," but do have opportunities to interact

  • Increase command of Medical Spanish.

  • First Responder Training is offered but certifications are not

  • Basic Medical Training and Education-Students will learn how to take vitals, perform basic patient assessments, obtain medical histories, and to assist with treatments. Students will also learn to assist in the care and management of emergent and non-emergent, medical and trauma patients.

Increased Cultural Literacy and awareness:

  • Interaction with Latino patients in settings described above

  • Participation in various cultural activities in San Miguel de Allende and surrounding areas

 Global and Community Health.

This is a Health Ministry Mobile Clinic ( Brigada)

This is a Health Ministry Mobile Clinic ( Brigada)

Opportunities to observe and/or participate in a variety of global and community health projects such as:

•       Observation and supervised participation in Health Ministry facilities

•       Standards of Care

•       Participate in Mobile community health brigades.

•       Assist in the development and implementation of mHealth programs.

•       Community health education.

•       Participate in community health projects like San Miguel Seguro.

•       Opportunities to observe and participate in healthcare for underserved communities

Summer Program Quick Facts:

  • We recommend arriving the Friday before the program starts to get all settled in, as well as acclimate to the altitude.

  • 20 clinical hours a week (mostly prehospital, with some rural brigadas and clinics in the last part of your stay)

  • American Heart Association Certified First Responder Training

    • Depending on the training you already have and your involvement in the program, there is potential for acquiring higher levels of training.

    • If you have your EMT training, you can participate in ride-alongs

  • Our partners: Red Cross, Clinics, Hospitals

  • Participation in our Pueblo Seguro event

    • Large event celebrating the defibrillator we made accessible to the community a few years back- the first in all of Latin America!

  • One-on-one Spanish lessons tailored to your needs and the medical setting

    • If you and another student happen to be at the same level and you wish to take the classes together, small group lessons are also an option.

  • What does a typical day look like? In a typical day, you will get 2  hours of Spanish tutoring,  5 hours in the clinical, and time to explore San Miguel. There are always musical, art, dance, and other fun events to attend or be apart of in this enchanting town. We will make sure you have all the information you need to experience the beauty of San Miguel de Allende, practice your spanish, and engage in the culture.

  • How much does it cost? This 6-week program has a $3,000 tuition, which includes the $350 non-refundable deposit.

    • Housing is not included, but we can help set that up for you. 

    • We use Posada Las Monjas as our default lodging ( It is great !) 


Apply Now!

If you are ready to apply, click the link to the online application, fill it out, and you’ll hear from us shortly!

  • After the application is completed, we will send you the pre-Spanish test (that will help us assess your functional level of Spanish), the invoice for the deposit, housing information, and more!