The GME/PGY Elective Program

The GME/PGY program is one of the very few, if not the only, clinically based, total immersion Medical Spanish programs available. It is a complete experience in technical Spanish terminology, international medicine and cultural literacy. The clinical work takes place at the Health Ministry Hospitals, Community Clinics, and Rural Health Brigades as well as Red Cross Ambulances. You can be assured of the quality and clinically based nature of the programs, which are affiliated with the University of Texas and the University of New Mexico Medical Schools as well as International, US and Latin American professional associations. If you are in a residency program, and are seeking the best possible use of your elective time, look no further.

MedSpanish offers the best and most effective Medical Spanish instruction anywhere. Unlike other opportunities, we are truly a clinically based program, enabling you to gain valuable experience. Depending on your specialty, experience, personal preference and other factors, you may be placed in a variety of clinical locations.


One of the most rewarding aspects of our program is your improved consciousness in cultural literacy. As you live and work in San Miguel de Allende and its surrounding areas, you will have the chance to visit museums, meet local residents, and gain appreciation for the history and traditions of a different culture. You will also learn how medicine is practiced in an international setting and how to interact with foreign colleagues.

This program far exceeded my goals; frankly it pushed me beyond those goals, and I am glad for it.
— H. Choy, M.D. & PGY Graduate

Objectives and Methodologies:

  • 2 hours of individualized general and medical Spanish training per day

  • 5 - 7 clinical contact in physician supervised hospital and clinic settings, where you are legally an “observer,” but do have opportunities to interact

  • Increase command of Medical Spanish

Increased Cultural Literacy and awareness:

  • Interaction with Latino patients in clinical settings described above

  • Participation in various cultural activities in San Miguel de Allende and surrounds

International Medicine / Health awareness:

  • Observation and supervised participation in Health Ministry facilities

  • Standards of Care

  • Familiarization of Mexican formulary and laboratory and diagnostic studies.

  • Additionally, there are opportunities for the student to participate in our various community based training activities, such as ACLS, ATLS, ALSO, and other programs

If you are ready to apply, click here and fill out the application; you’ll hear from us shortly!

After the application is completed, we will send you the pre-Spanish test (that will help us assess your functional level of spanish), the invoice for the deposit, housing information, and more. Do you have any interested colleagues in the medical field? This is a great program to do with your friends, study Spanish, and learn about health in a new cultural setting. 

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