When it comes of accommodations, everyone has different preferences and expectations. From budget hostels, to local host families, to high-end boutique hotels, San Miguel de Allende offers visitors endless options to choose from. In order to provide its participants with opportunity to explore these options before choosing, PACE MD’s MED-Spanish program provides accommodations for the FIRST THREE NIGHTS of every program with our partners at Hotel Posada Las Monjas. Once in San Miguel de Allende, participants will be able to visit the many housing options and select the most appropriate accommodations for their stay. Should they choose to, participants can remain at the Hotel Posada Las Monjas for the entirety of their stay and enjoy more convenient discounted rates.

Hotel Posada Las Monjas

The official hotel and program center of PACE MD’s MED-Spanish, Hotel Posada Las Monjas is just two blocks from the main city square. This quaint family-run hotel is the base of all MED-Spanish operations including the resident staff, Spanish instruction and training courses. It is the ideal accommodation both for convenience and location, and the discounted prices offered to MED-Spanish participants for extended stays are unbeatable.

  • First three nights: included in all MedSpanish programs

  • Base rate: $1,000 MXN/night

  • One-week stay (7 nights): 10% off - $900 MXN/night

  • Two- to three-week stay (14 - 21 nights): 40% off - $600 MXN/night

  • Four-week stay (28+ nights): 50% off - $500 MXN/night

Other Housing Options

Below are other housing options in San Miguel de Allende. The PACE MD’s MED-Spanish resident staff is happy to assist by providing recommendations, however, all housing arrangements and payments are to be made directly by the participant.

  • Mexican Homestay: (upon availability only) Always a great way to practice your Spanish and learn about the Mexican culture, Mexican homestays come in all shapes and sizes. From a traditional family to a boarding house arrangement, homestays provide a window into the Mexican way of life. Meals are often included and prices vary based on location, amenities and services ($40 to $60 USD per night).

  • Bed & Breakfast (B&B): Past participants have enjoyed a modern dormitory-style B&B located in commercial area at 10-20 minute walk from the MED-Spanish center. Prices include a daily continental breakfast ($30 to $40 USD per night).

  • Airbnb: As a premier tourist destination, San Miguel de Allende offers extensive properties through the online platform Airbnb.com. Pay special attention to the distance between the property and the MED-Spanish center at Hotel Posada Las Monjas before booking.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that MANY streets in San Miguel are REALLY STEEP. Even though you see short distances represented in Google Maps, a short walk may become a sweaty and strenuous issue. Should you have any questions, the MED-Spanish resident staff will be happy to help.